Page Turn Pro

Page Turning Software For Reaping More Profits

If you are running a publishing industry or a web store, page flipping software could very much assist you reap big sum of profits. It’s been proven to be extremely resourceful in all sorts of business, whether it is a fashion magazine, a cosmetics store, a kid’s toy shop, etc. You could reap more profits from your business by increasing your utilization of page turning software via various effective ways.

You may ask what is so great about this page flip as well as how it may aid you in your business. Firstly, flip book is an exciting app. It’s incorporated with particular features which when you post it in your store’s online site would engage a large number of would-be clients. 

Below mentioned are the features which you could expect from this tool. Convert any of your publications like magazines, newsletters, brochures, and many more to flip books and employ the special features below to win more clients & sales.

Utilization of flip effect – This is the most important feature which flip books have since it would facilitate your website’s visitors to relish the feeling which they are in actual going through the paper copy of your publications. Being a substitute to scrolling down the pages over your PDF files, your visitors would just turn the pages on your newsletters or brochures whilst reading.

Searching is easy & convenient – Whenever your client wishes to check a specific product or text in your magazine, they could only type the word or term into the search box to obtain the desired results. Therefore, they do not have to browse or go through the whole publication only to find what they are searching.

Google Indexation – Google indexation is highly significant whilst you are promoting your business on the web. Google is the most utilized search engine to search a specific product over the web. If your site has Google indexation, it would be shown in the results when someone tries to find something concerned with your publication. Hence, there are better chances that more customers would visit your website via your indexed flipping book.

Color customization – You could moreover customize the color of your flipping book to match with your site’s theme. Hence, it would lure more clients to go through your flip book publications. Further, your site would look more enticing owing to the matching page flips and theme of your site.